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C î rculo de la Hispanidad

of the 2019 Honorees

presents its

M r . Á ngel C epeda PRESIDENT B lue M ountain C onsulting G roup , I nc . M r . N éstor C hopin , C pa PRESIDENT N éstor C hopin , CPA, PLLC. M r . R obert D onno FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR G ift of L ife I nternational M r . A nthony M irando VICE PRESIDENT T riple C rown F oods , I nc . M r . F rank L. R egnante CO-FOUNDER G ift of L ife , I nc .


Spring Gala

Friday, May 17, 2019 Garden City Hotel Garden City, New York Cocktail Hour 8:00 p.m. Dinner and Ceremony Commence at 9:00 p.m.

M rs . V erónica R enta I rwin , E sq . PARTNER I rwin & S treiner , LLC. M r . L uis V alenzuela , Ph.D. LONG ISLAND REGION ADVOCATE H ealthcare E ducation P roject 1199SEIU & GNYHA

PLEASE RSVP BY MAY 2, 2019 $225.00 per person Black Tie Optional Silent Auction and Raffle Prizes Available at the Event. Checks, Cash and Credit Cards accepted. Live Orchestra!


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Full color ad inside front journal cover, wall banner display at cocktail hour, 25 dinner guests. Special Recognition.



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C ontact N ancy at Nancy@NStudiosLtd.com

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Full color journal page, 15 dinner guests. Special Recognition.



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* J ournal A d D eadline : T hursday , A pril 25,2019 by 12:00 N oon

Círculo de la Hispanidad, Inc. to enter my enclosed advertisement into the annual gala journal for which the sum of $ is enclosed. Please make check payable to: Círculo de la Hispanidad, Inc. and forward to our office at 26 West Park Avenue, Long Beach, N.Y. 11561 Tel.: (516) 431-1135 Reservations for journal ads will not be accepted without payment. Círculo is a non-for-profit 501(c)(3) community service organization. Your contribution is tax deductible. The deadline for the gala journal is Thursday, April 25, 2019 by 12:00 noontime. All artwork must be submitted and paid in full by said date in order to process your request.

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Costs: $2,800 $1,700 $1000

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10 Dinner Guests 5 Dinner Guests 2 Dinner Guests

$600 $350 $200 $100

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S ponsor A S tudent S cholarship $500 to $1500

P ast H onorees Ascending by year of Award Honorable Dean G. Skelos Honorable Ricard V. Guardino Honorable David Mejías, Esq. Honorable James A. Garner Commissioner Welquis Ray López Ana-María Hurtado Robert McBride Raymond P. Martínez Leo Toca Patricia Guillén Jonathan Moore, Esq. Liliana Kayali

P lanning C ommittee

2019 Members

Angelo Ríos Long Island Hispanic Coalition Honorable Edward Mangano Lutricia (Pat) Edwards Dr. Patricia García Luis López National Grid Arthur A. Gianelli

NINA L. MIRANDO H onoree S upporter A nthony M irando MARGIE OTTAVIANO H onoree S upporter A nthony M irando

CHARLES BERGMAN, JR. S ales M anager B eyond G reen RODOLFO CANO C ommunity R elations S pecialist N.C nty . F idelis C are ÁNGEL CEPEDA P resident B lue M ountain C onsulting G rp .I nc .

NANCY IGLESIAS-GILLEN P resident | O wner N S tudios , L td . LILIANA KAYALI A ccountant L iliana K ayali | A ccounting S ervices LISETT M. KNOX D irector of F inance & O perations E vergreen C harter S chool BLANCA LEONOR GONZÁLEZ S chool A ide C oordinator E vergreen C harter S chool

María Luisa González Nancy Iglesias - Gillen Maggie Martínez Malito Dr. George Santiago, Jr. Angelo Zuffante David Boone

JOSHUA POVEDA D irector of H ospitality & C ulinary S er . C í rculo de la H ispanidad

CANDICE CEPEDA S peech L anguage P athologist E astern S uffolk B oces

FRANK REGNANTE C o -F ounder G ift of L ife I nc . GRISELDA RENTA H onoree S upporter V erónica R enta I rwin

José Calderón Helen Dorado Herberth Flores

KARINA LABANDA F ounder & D irector H ispano A merica N ews KARIN LEMON P aralegal I rwin & S treiner , LLC

Winthrop Hospital Continental Airlines Ligia Estrada Otto Lugo Bob Knower

PETER CHAITKIN F ield S ales S pecialist S unrun

Norma Giler Jimmy Pérez Honorable Denise Ford Anthony Antonetti

NÉSTOR CHOPIN, CPA P resident N éstor C hopin , CPA, PLLC

FABIANA REZAK P resident T ennixise I nc . E xercise P rograms for all VERÓNICA RENTA, IRWIN, ESQ. P artner I rwin & S treiner , LLC

Leo Fernández Barbara DuBow

Kawaljit Chandi Greta Guartón Erasmo E, Taveras Patricia Turker Affinity Health Plan

MAGGIE MARTÍNEZ MALITO MMM D evelopment S trategies HÉCTOR MARTÍNEZ T reasurer C írculo B oard of D irectors LUIS LÓPEZ V ice P resident L abor C ouncil of L atin A merican A dv .

LEA CIPRIANO P aralegal I rwin & S treiner , LLC

Michelle DiBenetto Univisión/Telefutura Maritza Meyers

LIA DI ANGELO-ALLAN E xecutive F loral D esigner W estbury F loral D esigns ELIZABETH CUSTODIO V ice P resident C ommunity D evelopment P eople ' s U nited B ank

ELIZABETH SABATIELE B ookkeeper N éstor C hopin , CPA, PLLC

Compare Foods Supermarket Honorable Harvey Weisenberg Patrick McCormack Rod Gutiérrez Gil Bernardino Elizabeth Custodio Lillian Rodríguez López Orlando Ortíz, MD, MBA, FACR Kathy de la Rosa-Ballesteros Lorraine A. Cortés-Vázquez Martha P. Parra L.I. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Juan Mijango Marisa Lamarre

Servando Cid Yahira DeLeón Miriam López Luis F. Ras, Esq. Gladys G. Rodríguez Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli Daisy Expósito-Ulla Dr. Jorge L. Gardyn Sr. Councilwoman Dorothy L. Goosby Robert Isaksen César Nuesi Octavio Cardona

LUIS VALENZUELA, PH.D. L ong I sland R egion A dvocate H ealthcare E ducation P roject 1199SEIU & GNYHA HENRY SALGADO O ut C oordinator O ffice of N.Y. S enator K evin T homas DANIEL VELÁZQUEZ M edical C ase M anager N u H ealth - C enter for P ositive C are

JACK M. MARTINS P artner H arris B each , PLLC

LUIS FIGUEROA F ormer D eputy M ayor V illage of H empstead ROBERT DONNO F ounder | D irector G ift of L ife I nternational LOUIS DÍEZ R ealtor E xit R ealty U nited E lmont

ANTHONY MIRANDO, JR. Vice P resident T riple C rown F oods | A ce E ndico LOUIS MEDINA, LMSW P resident NAPRHSW

CARINA VIZHNAY E vent C oordinator E mpire B lue C ross B lue S hield

Lia Di Angelo Luis Figueroa Mateo Flores

Nicholas Andreadis Joseph M. Mottola Sonia Palacio-Grottola Joseph A. Quagliata

AVIVA FRANZ H onoree S upporter A nthony M irando

Vilma E. Matos Victor F. Politi Ada Luz Coonerty

STEVEN GILLEN P resident T aprogge A merica C orporation 1199SEIU-UHWE NORMA GILER G rp .D irector -S enior V ice P resident S ignature B ank ANTHONY GARCÍA L ead P olitical O rganizer for LI

Honorable Mayor Wayne Hall Sonia Berrios Villanueva, M.B.A. Yvonne María Mowatt Harold A. Fernández, M.D. Honorable Supervisor Kate Murray Robert Hopkins, RPh. Frank & Elizabeth Minier

William & Vicky Díaz José C. Fernández Dr. Alfonso J. García-Osuna Martine Michel-Toure Keith S. Senko

Círculo de la Hispanidad Employees

F ounder and E xecutive D irector Gil Bernardino

B oard of D irectors Leo Fernández, President Héctor Martínez, Treasurer Belinda Arévalo, Secretary

M embers

Mario Figueroa Julián Herrero Sylvana Loyola Osmán Canales

O ffices

26 West Park Avenue Long Beach, New York 11561 91 North Franklin Avenue, Suite 200 Hempstead, New York 11550 605 Penninsula Boulevard Hempstead, New York 11550

C ontact I nformation

circulo@cdlh.org www.cdlh.org

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