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Welcome to Tonight's Celebration of the 39 t h Anniversary Spring Gala

Hispanic Leadership And Empowerment Conference


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6 Addresses Mr. Gil Bernardino, Executive Director and Founder of Círculo, addresses our community. Learn the History of Círculo. Mr. Leo Fernández, President of the Board of Directors of Círculo, addresses our community. May 17, 2019 / Content 39 th Anniversary Spring Gala C írculo de la H ispanidad

Letters of Acknowledgment

the Executive Staff and the Parents Association.

Letters from elected officials recognizing Círculo de la Hispanidad's efforts supporting vulnerable children and families of Nassau, Long Island.

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Flashback 2018 Spring Gala Memorandum


Experience Círculo’s initiatives.Take the journey with Círculo and experience the programs and community services. Read about how Círculo empowers their staff, colleagues and friends through knowledge.


Read about the 2019 Honorees. Learn about their vocations and their involvement with the surrounding communities. Read the attributes that make them unique and the accomplishments that have earned them the recognition as a 2019 Honoree.

In memory of our loved ones, may we never forget them.



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Evergreen Charter School

Learn the History of Evergreen. The Mission, the Promise and the Pledge. Meet the Board of Trustees,

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Thank you Círculo’s Board members, staff, colleagues, volunteers and friends for supporting the journal, the raffle and selling tickets. I also want to give a special thanks to Evelyn Tavárez, Gala Coordinator, as well as Nancy Iglesias, our consultant for the Gala. As always, I want to thank my family for their encouragement. They have helped me to face the many difficulties that I have encountered this past year and over the years. Gracias Sarah Brewster, my partner in work and in life. Gracias por todo, thank you for everything. You continue to inspire me and I enjoy working with you every day. Gracias to my deceased parents, brother, niece and sister-in-law. I miss them . They have always inspired me in my difficult times. I want to thank my three children, Deborah, Daniel and Gil Miguel for their support. They share not only my happy moments but also my challenging ones and they continue to give me encouragement to persevere. I continue to enjoy spending time with my grandchildren, my precious Rebecca, Sofía, Giuliana, Isak, Gabriella and Sebastián. ¡¡¡ Gracias!!! Thanks to all!!!

Message from the Founder & Executive Director Círculo de la Hispanidad Gil Bernardino

This past year has not been without challenges. First, my health was affected last summer. I am doing very well now and am grateful to everyone for their support. Health is vital. I am grateful to be back to my old self ready to continue my quest for social justice. Thus far, we have been able to sustain programs and we continue to provide important services to clients affected by HIV, mental disabilities, domestic violence, and families with limited resources. The good news is that we have not yet experience significant cuts. We continue to search for alternative funding sources to prepare for difficult times. Evergreen Charter School, funded with the support of Círculo de la Hispanidad, was authorized this past April to expand to serve five classes per grade level, eventually growing to a capacity of 1,125 students from kindergarten to eight grade. We continue to have over 500 students on the waiting list. We hope this new expansion effort will address some of those needs. You may ask why I report the news of Evergreen Charter School in my letter about Círculo. Círculo founded Evergreen. Evergreen would not have existed without Círculo. While we maintain separate boards and funding sources, we celebrate Evergreen’s success as our success. In conclusion, Evergreen’s vision of providing hope and a future for children’s right to an excellent education is the result of the same vision and mission of Círculo de la Hispanidad. To all of you supporters, in different ways, of Círculo de la Hispanidad, current and past, you have impacted the establishment of Evergreen Charter School by supporting our organization and I thank you for that reason in the name of the many students who are and will benefit throughout the years. As the Founder and Executive Director, I understand the importance of Círculo’s staff and their contributions through our history. They supported the organization with their daily work and ensured that programs and activities have been implemented in a financially sound manner. Having good evaluations and audits allowed me to keep the dream alive. Gracias.

"Cambiar el mundo amigo Sancho, que no es locura ni utopía, sino justicia".

" To change the world my friend Sancho, is not madness nor utopia, it's justice".

A thousand thanks for all participants and sponsors over the years. You have helped us achieve our mission.

I also want to express my gratitude to our 2019 participants and sponsors. Thank you to all our Honorees for accepting our invitation to be part of our history and supporting the Gala. Gracias. I want to thank the Gala’s Planning Committee for supporting our honorees and our Gala. Their support has been essential in the always stressful work of implementing a successful event.



M essage F rom T he P resident of T he B oard


39 Years “A Remarkable Journey” 39 Años “Una Historia Admirable”

Thanks to you and to all who have supported us throughout our thirty-nine years. Gracias a todos ustedes y a todos los que nos han apoyado a través de estos treinta y nueve años.

Each year I reflect back about our recent accomplishments that have come to fruition through support from dedicated staff, the Board and from you our friends and supporters in the community. We have much to celebrate as we reflect on 39 years of commitment, dedication and a deep sense of service to the most vulnerable people in Nassau County (Hispanics and Non-Hispanics alike). Círculo received its articles of incorporation in 1980. However, the history of Círculo began some years earlier. Círculo’s founder, Gil Bernardino, came to the United States in 1974 to discover the many needs of the Long Beach Hispanic community. Concerned about the oppression of immigrant populations, including Hispanic students in schools and other underserved groups, Gil formed the vision of Círculo. Barbara DuBow, through her ideas, advice and support provided the essential tools for Gil to make the dream of Círculo a reality. Another key and trusted advisor who assisted Gil in developing the organization was Pat McCormack. In 1980, New York State awarded Círculo its first grant of $25,000 to operate independently as a youth oriented organization. It was difficult to open doors in the beginning. Círculo started with three employees and a typewriter which had some missing keys. Now, the organization has a team of over forty full and part-time staff and a sophisticated computer system including a technology center, as well as many other amenities thanks to the commitment and vision of Círculo’s dedicated staff, volunteers and Board members. Many individuals have supported Círculo along this “Remarkable Journey”. Former Senator Dean G. Skelos, provided the seed funding for Círculo’s Center about twenty-five years ago. His vision and support enabled us to think large and dream of a Center that would serve thousands and thousands of individuals and families for many generations to come. We are especially grateful to Eileen Mullin and Lance Roth of Non Profit Preferred Funding. They were instrumental in securing the loan for this project. Non Profit Preferred Funding purchased the bonds made available through the Town of Hempstead Industrial Development Agency. Welquis R. López, a longtime friend of Círculo, has also been very supportive of our organization for many years and assisted Círculo achieve its dream to build a Center. We want to recognize former County Executive Ed Mangano for his financial support to the Center. Through his support Círculo has been able to enhance the Center. Thank you. In addition, former Supervisor Kate Murray, of the Town of Hempstead, also has helped to support activities and programming at the Center and provided Círculo with funding in the past. Gracias Supervisor Murray for your support. We also want to extend our thanks to former Mayor Wayne Hall, Sr. who supported our Center including our Nature Explorer Classroom Project. We are grateful to all of them. As we continue on our mission to improve the lives of individuals and their families through a comprehensive continuum of social service, recreation, education, cultural, economic development and social justice programs, we are grateful for the special efforts of dedicated employees, supportive volunteers, Board members, corporate partners and friends who have helped us live our mission. Together we can make a difference. Thank you.


As President of the Board of Directors of Círculo de la Hispanidad and on behalf of its board members, I would like to extend my appreciation to all our 2019 honorees for their support and dedication to Círculo’s mission to improve the lives of individuals and families. Tonight, we pay homage to our honorees and thank them for their commitment to strengthening our community and supporting vulnerable populations. We admire them for their professional achievements and for their examples of leadership and service.

At this time, we also pay tribute to all those individuals that have made our Spring Gala 2019 possible.

Thank you to all of you attendees tonight for supporting us with our mission and vision. Thank you sponsors as well for contributing in large and small ways to the success of our journal and Gala.

Thank you Planning Committee members for your dedication and support. Your hard work has helped us to have a special evening tonight.

The Board would also like to recognize the staff of Círculo and thank them for their efforts and dedication to our organization. With your help, all of us together are working to make our community a better place every day.

I hope you enjoy our 39th Anniversary Spring Gala Celebration. Again, thank you to all.

Leo Fernández President of the Board of Directors



Standing Left To Right At The Back: Evelyn Daza, Johana Campos, Verónica Renta Irwin, Rodolfo Cano, Anahi Decanio, Jonathan Orozco, Mónica Ávila, Christopher Huayanay, Kathleen Verastegui, Talia Fernández, Alexander Ramírez, Enrique Tejada, Dany Torres, Eybin Martínez and Albert Ortíz. Standing Left To Right At The Front: Dr. Sarah Brewster, Jacqueline Sleefe, Yori Aguilar, Crisia Reyes, Valentina Damas Delgado, Amy Ajsivinac, Kenny Melara, Jeslie Marte, Margarita Vijay, Jamie Alegría, Valerie Casas, Wendy Machado, Alyscia Batista, Wendy Amaya, Marilyn Mejía, Luisa Vijay, Evelyn Tavárez, Jason Ocampo, Dillan Woods Calles and Gil Bernardino, Founder & Executive Director. Seated Left To Right: John Velázquez, Erlinda Castro, Cynthia Corrales, Licsi González, Gloria Pérez, Andrea Ramírez, Alejandra Mancía, Keylin Oliva Dávila, Darlyn Coto and Jennifer Hernández. Scholarship Awardees Not In Photo: Eddie Pérez. Scholarship Committee Members Not in the Photo: Luis Figueroa, Sandra Germany, and Karla Vásquez. ¡ Gracias! Thanks to our 2018 and 201 9 Scholarship Donors! 2018 Tom and Cynthia Rosicky Steven Gillen Vincent Williams Femi Aziz Lia Di Angelo Fabiana Rezak Joseph Volker Steven Gillen Michael Pascucci Edward J. Blaskey Empire BC/BS Anthony Conti 2019 Steven Weissman Lynn Hayes George R. Gerardi Matthew J. Trachtenberg Americasa Harvey Weisenberg

SpringGala 201 9 Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters who made this possible! Círculo de la Hispanidad’s Scholarship Fund has distributed close to $400,000 in scholarships to youth over the past thirty years thanks to your support.




CDLH Mission To improve the lives of individuals and families through a comprehensive continuum of education, social services, recreation, cultural, economic development and social justice programs. Growing StrongerTogether!

Círculo de la Hispanidad’s Annual Spring Gala Serving Two Purposes

• Funds support college scholarships for Hispanic high school graduates from Long Beach and Hempstead who are matriculating in college or vocational training. Scholarship funds raised from the event are bestowed to youth at Círculo’s Annual Awards Night held every June at the Long Beach High School. This year we will hold the event on June 8th, at 7:30 pm. All are welcome to attend. • Funds raised from the Gala also support agency programs including youth programs (after-school programming, homework assistance, summer camp, and cultural enrichment activities); domestic violence support services (legal advocacy, support groups, a 24 hour bilingual hotline, crisis intervention and case management services); housing services (for individuals living with a mental health diagnosis, victims of domestic violence, individuals living with HIV and AIDS and homeless individuals and families); adult education (English for speakers of other languages, GED preparation, and citizenship preparation); health programs for individuals with HIV/AIDS (case management, educational prevention, and transportation services); recreational programs (dance, basketball, tae kwon do, soccer); cultural programs (Sábado Cultural, Hispanic Heritage activities); and crisis intervention services and supports (a food pantry, referral services and other support).

We hold our Annual Spring Gala every May. At the Gala we recognize individuals and companies for their contributions to the community.



Growing Stronger Toge t her

Mr. Ángel Cepeda

Congratulations to the 201 9 Honorees

PRESIDENT Blue Mountain Consulting Group, Inc.


A dvocacy is a way of life for Angel Cepeda. His company, Blue Mountain Consulting Group Inc., was started to serve the Native American community nationwide, to offer economic development services and other types of support. Most recently and closer to his home here on Long Island, he now focuses on advising Not-For-Profit organizations to improve their services and increase their reach. Also, Angel’s civic efforts include public service aimed at “improving the quality of life on Long Island.” Blue Mountain’s goal is to serve its clients, regarding job creation, green energy, financial training and economic development. Founded in 2010, Angel, who serves as company president, describes Blue Mountain’s mission as: “Striving to create and take advantage of economic dwwevelopment opportunities by specializing in numer- ous disciplines.” Among them: Financial search and procurement; human resources advisement and information technology consulting. Blue Mountain developed a highly recognized financial training program tailored to the way Native American ribes operate. This program has optimized tribal accounting processes and substantially reduced error rates. Angel has successfully assisted several regional NFP organizations and has aligned Blue Mountain with other companies that share a heart for helping NFPs thrive. Angel has expanded his experience in developing productive business relationships (“An essential skill to be successful in any endeavor,” he says) by applying it to his own community in Plainview-Old Bethpage (POB) as well as the Long Island region. He served as POB Board of Education Trustee, 2007-2013, Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association Executive Committee Member, 2011-2013, Executive Director of Action Long Island, a regional business advocacy organization, 2012-2013 and as a community activist and candidate for the Nassau County Legislature in 2015 and 2017. He presently sits on several Boards and Committees including but not limited to; Nassau County Office of Youth Services; Long Island Sustainable Business Council; Nassau County Heroin Task Force; Tilles Center for the Performing Arts at LIU Post; Voices for Truth & Humanity; Long Island Hispanos Unidos and the Town of Oyster Bay Diversity Committee. As an active member with the Long Island Hispanic and Plainview-Old Bethpage Chambers, Angel looks forward to trading smiles and handshakes at monthly meetings and events, where many of his relationships there have become personal ones. Although he did not win the legislator seat in 2017 he is open to running for elected office in the future, certain that his abundant community connections will “help me to be the best possible public servant possible in the years to come.” An avid golfer, Angel has resided in Plainview for 25 years with his wife, the former Marlene Garber. They have raised “two wonderful daughters,” Candice, a speech language pathologist, and Alexa, a SUNY Farmingdale graduate in business management.



Growing Stronger Toge t her

Growing Stronger Toge t her

M r . N éstor H. C hopin , C pa

PDG R obbie D onno and B arbara

PRESIDENT Néstor H. Chopin, CPA, PLLC.



R obbie Donno was born in Manhasset, NY. He is a graduate of La Salle Military Academy in Oakdale, Long Island and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pa. He met his wife, Barbara, at Duquesne and they were married in 1969. They have two children, Jacqueline and Matthew and two grandchildren, Emma and James. Robbie was a principal of Donno Company, Inc, from 1970 to 1997. He was Vice President of Eastern Waste of New York from 1997-1999 and is now a principal at Lemcor, Inc. of Newark, NJ. He has been a leader in the solid waste industry for 49 years. He joined Manhasset Rotary in 1971 and became its President in 1975. That was the year that changed his life. There was a plea for help from the Rotary Club of Kampala, Uganda on behalf of 5-year old Grace Agwaru who was suffering from a congenital heart defect. Grace was brought to St. Francis Hospital where she received her lifesaving surgery and the Gift of Life Program had its start. Since then over 33,000 children from 82 countries have received corrective heart surgery through Gift of Life chapters throughout the world. His leadership in the Gift of Life was noted in the book, “Leadership by Example: The Ten Key Principles of All Great Leaders” written by Dr. Sanjiv Chopra and published in May 2012. Reflecting on Rotary and the Gift of Life, Donno says; “I have been a part of Rotary for 49 years and have seen the heart-felt involvement of thousands of people around the world. Rotary is the platform that has allowed us to make a difference. I am always surrounded by good people, unsung heroes who improve the lives of people that they don’t know, for no other reason than their need. They are always striving to allow people to reach their fullest potential. I am blessed to be in their company.” R CLASSIFICATION: SANITATION TRUCKING

N éstor H. Chopin is a Certified Public Accountant in New York State for over thirty years. In 1969 he graduated from NYU with a BS in Physics. He also holds an MS in Applied Mathematics from NYU, and MBA in Certified Public Accounting from Hofstra University. From 1969 to 1974, he worked for Grumman as a Temperature and Humidity Principal Engineer. He was recognized for his outstanding effort while working on the Lunar Module that first landed on the moon and was the recipient of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Apollo Achievement Award. From 1970 to 1978, he worked with H & R Block. He was first a Tax Preparer and then District Manager (North Hempstead,) and finally a Regional Director of NYC and Long Island in charge of 3,000 employees and 276 offices (Including 76 offices of Citibank) with H&R BLOCK. From 1979 to 1983, he was an Accountant at Deutsch & Deutsch CPA’s & Lewis Income Tax Service. From 1984 to 1993, he was part of the International Tax Department at Manufacturers Hanover Trust / Chemical Bank / JP Morgan Chase. This position required fluency to communicate effectively in Spanish to service the clients in Argentina, Brazil and México. From 1994 to the present time, he has been the sole owner of Nestor Chopin, CPA, PC located in Sea Cliff, NY. During this time, he was also appointed Director of Taxes of the Low-Income Tax Clinic sponsored by the IRS though a grant issues to CÍrculo De La Hispanidad. As one of a very few Hispanic CPA’s, Néstor was an integral part the program which was aimed at including many more taxpayers on the tax rolls by filing W7 and tax returns. Néstor currently resides in Glen Cove, NY. He has three sons, who are also part of his Accounting practice. In his leisure, he enjoys golfing and spending time with his family and friends as a member of the Sea Cliff Yacht Club or the Brookville Country Club. He is an active member in various organizations in his community.



Growing Stronger Toge t her

Growing Stronger Toge t her

M r . A nthony M irando

M r . F rank L. R egnante

VICE PRESIDENT Triple Crown Foods, Inc.

CO-FOUNDER Gift of Life, Inc.



A nthony Mirando Jr. was born in Huntington NY. He grew up in Elwood school district and was a member of the honor society. He enjoys fishing, baseball, football and spending quality time with his loved ones. Anthony was selected to the All Long Island football and baseball teams and received the Long Island High School Sports and Scholastic award in 1985. Anthony went onto attend Lehigh University in Bethlehem Pa. were he lettered in both football and baseball and graduated with a bachelor degree in finance. Anthony Mirando Jr., a husband, father and an entrepreneur who likes to keep busy, take calculated risks, and pursue his dreams and ideas. Anthony is a loving husband of 20 years to Nina Louise and a proud father of his two sons Anthony III and Joseph Mitchel. At the age of 45 he became the president of Triple Crown Foods Inc, a third generation family wholesale food business. In 1990, Anthony started working for the family business, learning all aspects of the business. His first job was as a truck driver, night manager, and office manager. Anthony then meshed his college knowledge and food business experiences and started to branch the company in new directions. In 1995, Anthony opened a full food service business in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Anthony was in charge of all supply and distribution logistics. In addition, he was in charge of the sales division and all daily operations. In 2007, Anthony expanded the New York food service product line with a full line of commercial kitchen equipment. In 2009, kitchen design became another service offered to his clientele. In 2010, Anthony Mirando started the Magic Sauce Company, an all-natural finishing, BBQ, and taste enhancement sauce, that received two awards in a Buffalo New York sauce contest. Magic Sauce was also recognized by the WPIX morning show on channel 11. In 2015, Anthony created a program to be used in helping nonprofit organizations with food ordering to be in compliance with federal, state, and local guide lines. Anthony Mirando loves children and even though his work takes up a lot of his free time; he has always made time to give back to his community as well as communities he partners with in business. For over thirty years, Anthony Mirando and his family have sponsored the E.O.C Nassau County Head Start Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship. Since, starting work with Círculo Food Service and Evergreen Charter school we are proud to be a sponsor of the Annual Gala. Every year, Anthony gives time to centers for seminars in kitchen prep, knife skills and healthy cooking choices. Anthony donates to the wounded warriors organization as well as Troop 13 Boys Scouts of America. Anthony gives his time and money to children’s youth PAL league and local athletic organizations of Kings Park, NY. Anthony donates money and product to a cancer foundation “Shootout Cancer Inc.” to help find a cure for cancer. Come Thanksgiving time, you will find Anthony participating in a turkey drive to help supply turkeys to needy families of New York City. As you can see, Anthony loves to help children and organizations that help children. As he says it best, “It feels good knowing that I’m making a difference in someone’s life who is less fortunate”.

F rank Regnante attended DeWitt Clinton H.S. in the Bronx, and is a graduate of Siena College, Loudonville, NY with a BS in Economics. Following his graduation from Siena, Frank served for two years in the U.S. Army during the Korean conflict. Frank has extensive business and nonprofit career experience in graphic arts, marketing and fundraising. Frank’s first position was as a sales representative for the James Gray, Inc. printing firm in 1955. He became Sales Manager, and initiated the firm’s Institutional Graphics Division, which provided colleges and universities communication materials for their fundraising programs. Following a merger, Frank was appointed Executive Vice President of the New Era Companies. After an 18-year career experience in the printing and graphic arts field, Frank joined the fundraising consulting firm of Community Consulting Service (CCS) to conduct a capital fundraising campaign for St. Francis Hospital, Roslyn, NY. At the conclusion of the campaign in 1973, Frank was offered the position of Vice President for Development and Public Relations. He served in this position for 17 years. It was during this period he was responsible for branding the Hospital as “The Heart Center,” and attracting significant support through the Hospital’s fundraising program. Seeking a new challenge, Frank resigned his position to accept the appointment as Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Dowling College, Oakdale, NY. After strengthening the College’s fundraising program, Frank initiated the funding of the College’s National Aviation & Transportation Center. This activity secured considerable funding from the Congress through the appropriation process. After serving ten years at Dowling College, Frank resigned from his position in 1999 and began the Regnante Company. The mission of the new venture was to assist nonprofit organizations reach their potential by providing them fundraising and public affairs consulting services. Frank actively serves as President of the firm today. Frank’s community service includes serving as a member of the Board of the Family Service League, as a member of Gift of Life International and past President of Manhasset Rotary Club. He was named “Fundraising Executive of the Year” by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and awarded a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary International for his work as Co-Founder of Gift of Life, Inc. The Gift of Life has grown worldwide over the last 40 years, saving the lives of 33,000 children who required cardiac treatment and surgery. Frank played an integral part in the development of Gift of Life. He was honored for his volunteer effort by receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor from National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations and received the Siena College President’s Distinguished Alumni Award for Humanitarian Effort.

Frank lives in West Islip, Long Island with his wife, Virginia. They have five children and five grandchildren.



Growing Stronger Toge t her

Growing Stronger Toge t her

M rs . V erónica R enta I rwin , E sq .

M r . L uis V alenzuela , Ph.D.

PARTNER Irwin & Streiner, LLC.

LONG ISLAND REGION ADVOCATE Healthcare Education Project 1199SEIU & GNYHA



V erónica Renta Irwin has been a practicing attorney for twenty years, having graduated from Hofstra Law School in 1999. Twelve years ago, she opened her own firm and was able to devote considerable time to social issues and pro bono work. Of particular importance to her are matters affecting minorities, women and children. While developing her practice, Ms. Irwin has made it a priority to assist lower income women through Nassau Suffolk Legal Services and victims of domestic violence through the Safe Center. She also participates in community outreach programs through her work as the Secretary of the Nassau County Women's Bar Association, Board member of the Long Island Hispanic Bar Association, and member of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York, where she serves on the Legislative Committee, a member of the Nassau County Bar Association, and Puerto Rican Bar Association. Ms. Irwin’s work with the Women's Bar Association of the State of New York allows her to review and have input on legislation that directly affects the rights and lives of minorities and women throughout the State of New York. Recently, after years of judging mock trial competitions at the high school, college and law school levels, Ms. Irwin has had the opportunity to coach a High School Mock Trial team, allowing her to encourage and nurture the aspirations of future attorneys. She takes every opportunity to mentor young attorneys, in an attempt to encourage them to excel not only in the legal profession, but also to seek elected and judicial positions. Latino issues are very important to her and she works with amazing organizations devoted to community outreach and education like Hispanics United for Nassau County. In 2015 Ms. Irwin was nominated for Nassau County Attorney of the Year. Also in 2015 she was named top Honoree for the Nassau County Bar Association Pro Bono attorney. In April of 2016 Ms. Irwin was named Top Pro Bono attorney of the month. She was named Honoree and Access to Justice Provider in 2016 as well. In 2017 she was named Distinguished Professional by the Expert Network. Other recognitions include being named a Lawyer of Distinction, Top 10% in the USA, Personal Injury Attorney in 2017 and 2018. Ms. Irwin was also honored to receive the Hofstra Law Outstanding Women in Law Award in 2018. Her parents, both born in Puerto Rico, instilled in her an excellent work ethic and strong sense of social responsibility. She considers herself very fortunate to be able to devote time to her family, her work and her passions.

L uis Valenzuela, Ph.D., LMSW is currently employed by the Healthcare Education Project (HEP). HEP is a unique labor-management alliance between the Greater New York Hospital Association and 1199 SEIU United Health¬care Workers East. HEP brings healthcare providers, consumers, and workers together into a single powerful voice. From conceiving the landmark Family Health Plus insurance program to protecting Medicaid funding in New York State to breast cancer screening awareness campaigns, HEP has evolved into one of the nation’s most influential healthcare advocacy voices. In his capacity as the Long Island Region Healthcare Advocate, Luis focuses on building partnerships with individuals, local healthcare providers, and civic and religious leaders across the Long Island region to secure a better, more efficient, and more financially sound healthcare delivery system. As the volunteer Executive Director of the Long Island Immigrant Alliance (LIIA), Luis works with an alliance of charitable, religious, labor, civil rights and immigrant organizations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties that are concerned with ensuring that Long Island provides a welcoming environment for immigrants and invites their involvement in the cultural, socio-economic and political life of their community. Luis started his career as a social worker with the Puerto Rican Family Institute. Later, he moved into the field of Child Welfare where he worked at many different levels, from casework to Regional Assistant to Executive Director. His experiences, on behalf of families and communities, at the local, state and national level have cemented his commitment to being an advocate for sound healthcare and immigration policies. Luis received his Ph.D. from Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services. He obtained his Masters of Social Work degree from the School of Social Welfare, at Stony Brook University School of Medicine and his Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Stony Brook University. He completed addiction training at the South Oaks Hospital Institute of Alcoholism and Addictive Behaviors. Luis is also a fellow of the CORO Leadership Institute. Luis serves on the Suffolk County Human Rights Commission and on the Suffolk County Legislature’s Welfare to Work Commission. Luis has the distinguished honor to have been a founding member, and to have served as the President, of the National Association of Puerto Rican Hispanic Social Workers. Luis serves on the boards of several community organizations including: Energeia Leadership Academy Advisory Board, Long Island Council of Churches, College of Advisors for Erase Racism, Long Island Progressive Coalition, AMOS (A Movement in Solidarity) of Jobs with Justice LI, and Community Advocates. Luis is active in many community organizations including: Long Island Organizing Network (LION), L.I. Healthcare Collaborative, LI Save Our Healthcare Alliance, LI Healthcare Heroes, and the Suffolk County Complete Count Committee. Past associations include: Suffolk County Police Commissioner’s Advisory Board, LI Intergenerational Strategies, The Latino Jewish Coalition, Adelphi University President's Advisory Board, Vital Signs-The Long Island Social Health Project, SUNY Stony Brook President's Multicultural Advisory Board, The National Hispanic-Latino American Agenda Summit: Mental Health Issues and Platform Committee, The Children's Network in Far Rockaway, South East Queens Neighborhood Network, Delinquency Prevention Advisory Board Laurelton Public Library, The Jamaica Neighborhood Advisory Board, Brady Center's Stop The Violence Gun Control Project, Long Islanders Against the Death Penalty, the NY ACLU Suffolk Chapter, The Nassau Suffolk Hispanic Legislative Task Force, and the NYC Immigration Coalition. Luis has been married to Debbie Valenzuela for 39 years. They have two children, Luis (and his wife, Anne) and Migdalia (and John), and 4 grandchildren, Sierra, Amaya, Ava and Luke.



Círculo de la Hispanidad Board of Directors

Círculo de la Hispanidad Staff Members

GIL BERNARDINO E xecutive D irector and F ounder

SARAH BREWSTER C heif D irector of S ervices and O perations


LEIDIS FLORES TORRES S alva D omestic V iolence L iason

ZULAY CARSON F iscal A ccounts -R eceivable

JOHANNA CAMPOS PACHECO D omestic V iolence A dvocate



ERIDANIA GÓMEZ REYES HIV/AIDS STD O utreach and T esting S pecialist


NORA MARTÍNEZ F iscal D irector

EMMA MARTÍNEZ A dult E ducation C oordinator HIV P rogram A ssistant

MARISOL MUÑOZ Y outh S ervices D iorector L ong B each

KATHERINE MORA F iscal A ccounts -P ayable






Círculo de la Hispanidad Staff Members

2019 Gala Planning Committee

YENFI PAREDES HIV/AIDS S ervices P rogram A ssistant

CÉSAR NUESÍ HIV/AIDS T arget P reventing S upport S ervices (TPSS) P rogram D irector




JOSHUA POVEDA C hef /C ulinary and H ospitality S ervices D irector

ANGIE SANTI RWT and EIS P rogram A ssistant

JAQUELINE SLEEFE H uman R esources

EVELYN TAVÁREZ G ala C oordinator

EVELYN TAVÁREZ Office Administrator and Program Assistant

ARIEL SOTELO H ousing D irector

SARI VAYDA A fter S chool P rogram D irector - L ong B each




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C î rculo Employees!

ELIZABETH WACHSBERGER Y outh S ervices D irector , H empstaed






2019 Gala Planning Committee

2019 Gala Planning Committee



























2019 Gala Planning Committee










29 201 9 Gala Planning Committee



Letters from Elected Officials

Our supportive Elected Officials whom have helped us achieve our goals...

We Thank You!



Letters from Elected Officials

Letters from Elected Officials



Letters from Elected Officials

Letters from Elected Officials



Letters from Elected Officials

Letters from Elected Officials



Letters from Elected Officials

Letters from Elected Officials



Letters from Elected Officials

Letters from Elected Officials

Town Hall Plaza 1 Washington Street Hempstead, N.Y. 11550 Ph: 516-489-5000 Ext. 4304

Hon. Dorothy L. Goosby Senior Councilwoman

April 19, 2019

Greetings! I am proud to have this opportunity, to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Circulo de la Hispanidad on the momentous occasion of your 39 th Annual Spring Gala. I commend Circulo on its commitment to proving vital services and programs that are necessary for the health and well-being of our residents. Circulo has successfully been at the forefront for addressing economic development, educational concerns health & wellness, leadership development and a broad range of other issues that have impacted our communities disproportionately. Circulo de la Hispanidad’s dedication to providing community programs and comprehensive human resources to our most vulnerable individuals and families is commendable. I applaud the efforts of Gil Bernidino for his hard work, vision and steadfast commitment to the Latino community of Nassau County. Best wishes to Circulo de la Hispanidad for another 39 years of outstanding service. Sincerely,

Dorothy L. Goosby Senior Councilwoman



Letters from Elected Officials


We Thank You!



C P A P L L C |

Gift of Life International is a program that has provided lifesaving heart surgery for over 33,000 children in 80 countries through the network of Rotary clubs world-wide.

Our Mission is to serve you by providing the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

Rosa from El Salvador A child looks into a mother's eyes with love so strong it has wings. Every mother's dream is for her child to be healthy and live a purposeful life. Gift of Life Helps those mother's dreams come true.

Offering Accounting Tax and Financial Services

Néstor Chopin, CPA 404 Glen Cove Ave., Suite 202 Sea Cliff, N.Y. 11579 (516) 759-3400 · www.chopincpa.com

We like to congratulate Círculo de la Hispanidad for their work in making children’s dreams come true and for selecting the Founders of Gift of Life, Frank Regnante and Robbie Donno, for their tireless efforts helping children here and around the world. Board of Directors

Gift of Life International, Inc. www.GiftofLifeInternational.org



“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Healthcare Education Project salutes Círculo de la Hispanidad and congratulates its honorees

Á ngel Cepeda Néstor Chopin Robert Donno

Anthony Mirando Frank L. Regnante Verónica Renta Irwin Luis Valenzuela


for their continued committment to promoting the well-being of the Latino community Círculo de la Hispanidad




Triple Crown Foods, Inc. “Purveyors to the Quality Trade”


800 ∙ 427 ∙ 6965

Congratulations to Anthony Mirando and Fellow Honorees

at Círculo de la Hispanidad's 39th Anniversary Spring Gala for your community support. Keep up the good work! Acknowledgements from your friends at Triple Crown Foods!

We Thank You!



Congratulates 2019 Círculo De La Hispanidad Anniversary Spring Gala Honoree IRWIN & STREINER LLC Attorneys at Law

Signature Bank is proud to be a supporter of the invaluable services CIRCULO DE LA HISPANIDAD

provides the families of our Long Island community.

VERÓNICA RENTA IRWIN, ESQ. Congratulations to all other 2019 Spring Gala Honorees

Norma Giler Group Director - Senior Vice President 40 Cuttermill Road, Great Neck, NY 11021 (516) 214-0880 NGiler@signatureNY.com

David Streiner, Partner Erisa Qyra Ahmedi, Esq. David Berman, Esq.

Lea Cipriano Karin Lemon

Clarissa Moreno Jamie Walowitz 1180 Northern Boulevard, Suite 203 | Manhasset, NY 11030 | (516) 801-4990 www.irwinstreiner.com


Member FDIC





MEADOW DRUGS 353 Newbridge Road East Meadow, NY 11554 P (516) 785-0120 F (516) 785-0715

Congratulations to Angel Cepeda All fellow 2019 honorees And Círculo de la Hispanidad

SHIRLEY PHARMACY 464 William Floyd Pkwy. Shirley, NY 11967 P (631) 281-8101 F (631) 281-8103

TWIN HARBOR DRUGS 72 Bayville Avenue Bayville, NY 11709 P (516) 628-2323 F (516) 628-2382

For all that you do for your community


2226 Jericho Turnpike Garden City Park, N.Y. 11040 P (516) 873-8600

Beyond Green 9100 Republic Airport • Farmingdale, NY 11735 631 - 396 - 0990 • www.beyondgreen.com

Full Service Pharmacy & Surgical Supply Free Prescription Delivery

Completo Servicio de Farmacia y Suministro Quirúrgico Entrega de Recetas Gratis



Open 7 Days for Lunch & Dinner

R estaurant & C atering S panish C ontinental & A merican C uisine

At Marbella, our team of Chef and Cooks are proud to present the most flavorful dishes from various regions of Spain as well as a number of French and Italian masterpieces.

MR. ÁNGEL CEPEDA , President, Blue Mountain Consulting Group Inc. MR. NÉSTOR CHOPIN , CPA, President, Néstor Chopin, CPA, PLLC. MR. ROBBIE DONNO , Founder & Director, Gift of Life International. MR. ANTHONY MIRANDO , Vice President, Triple Crown Foods Inc. MR. FRANK L. REGNANTE , Co-Founder, Gift of Life Inc. MRS. VERÓNICA RENTA IRWIN, ESQ ., Partner, Irwin & Streiner, LLC DR. LUIS VALENZUELA, PH.D. , Long Island Region Advocate, Healthcare Project 1199 SEOI & GNYHA

We cater private parties and banquets for up to 350 people in our Ball Room, East Room, Dining Room & Adria Hotel’s Conference Center. Whatever your plans require, we can help make it memorable.

Congratulations to Círculo de la Hispanidad & the 2019 Honorees



SERVANDO CID & JUAN ESTEVEZ Marbella Restaurant 220-33 Northern Blvd Bayside, NY 11361

Tel: 718-423-0100 Fax: 718-423-0102

www.marbella-restaurant.com contact@marbella-restaurant.com



We are proud to support Círculo de la Hispanidad on its 39th Anniversary Spring Gala & Congratulations to Robert Donno for the well-deserved recognition. Acknowledgements from your friends and colleagues at

39 th

VP, Sr. Affordable Lending Mgr. Residential & Consumer Lending Div 548 Rte 111, 2nd FL Hauppauge | 516-232-3141 amy.flores@peoples.com

100 Motor Pkwy. Hauppage, NY

170 FRELINGHUYSEN AVE NEWARK, NJ 07114 (973) 642–1212 Phone: (973) 642–1212 Fax: (973) 642–1331




We Thank You!



Congratulations to Círculo de la Hispanidad on its 39th Anniversary Spring Gala






As your partner in the community, Fidelis Care is proud to support Circulo de la Hispanidad’s 39th Anniversary Spring Gala, and we look forward to partnering with you again in the future. We also extend congratulations to Luis Valenzuela, Long Island Region Advocate for the Healthcare Education

LONG ISLAND (516) 869-3448 PURCHASE (914) 289-2909

Project, and this year’s other honorees. Best wishes for a memorable event from your friends at Fidelis Care. Quality health coverage. It’s Our Mission. 1-888-FIDELIS | fideliscare.org (1-888-343-3547) • TTY: 711



Estate Planning Strategies, Investments & Employee Benefits We are proud to support the Circulo de la Hispanidad 39 th Anniversary Spring Gala Í Providing Financial Products and Services To Help Create and Protect Assets -Competitively Priced Term & -Investment Advisory Services Permanent Life Insurance -Retirement Planning -401(K), SEP, IRA & -Annuities Defined Benefit Pension Plans -Business Succession Planning -Disability Income Insurance -Mortgage Protection - Long-Term Care Insurance -Children’s Education Funding (529 Plans)


Alfred Haber, ChFC, CLU Financial Professional Tel: 631-385-5336 Alfred.Haber@axa-advisors.com 1000 Woodbury Rd, Suite 300 Woodbury, NY 11797

James Scordamaglia, CLU Financial Professional Tel: 631-385-5216 James.Scordamaglia@axa-advisors.com 1000 Woodbury Rd, Suite 300 Woodbury, NY 11797

We Thank You!

Securities offered through AXA Advisors, LLC (NY, NY 212-314-4600), member FINRA, SIPC. Investment advisory products and services offered through AXA Advisors, LLC, an investment advisor registered with the SEC. Annuity and insurance products offered through AXA Network, LLC. AXA Advisors and AXA Network do not provide tax or legal advice or services. A. Verrelli & Associates is not a registered investment advisor and is not owned or operated by AXA Advisors or AXA Network. AGE-127101(06/17)(exp.06/19)






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240 Plandome Rd. · Manhasset, NY 11030  (516) 365-8400  Fax: 365-8690  E-mail: ralservcies.com Website: www.ralservices.com

Business Insurance – Financial Services – Employee Benefits

Brooklyn 475 Atlantic Ave (718) 637-2970 Farmingdale 619 Main Street (631) 547-4924

*ONE STOP SHOPPING* RAL Services, Inc., An insurance services company, has been providing an extensive array of customized programs for small and large businesses, associations or affinity groups since 1978. Our business services range from Property & Casualty, Financial Services, Group Employee Benefits.

Queens (ACQC) 161-21 Jamaica Ave, 7th FL (929) 421-4620

RAL Services Inc provides services to: Circulo de la Hispanidad, Inc & Evergreen Charter School

Richard Longo

Steven Tokofsky Executive Vice President


 &  (516) 365-8684

Employee Benefits

 &  (516) 365-8590  stokofsky@ralservices.com

 rlongo@ralservices.com

Dale Jackson AHF Pharmacist

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